The remains of the urbanization Las Lamparillas, which should have been converted into a spectacular resort with almost 4,000 homes in the municipality of Fortuna, could well serve as the stage for some great film production over a time after any type of nuclear, environmental or environmental catastrophe. bacteriological The landscape of dozens of dilapidated duplexes or, in the worst of cases, of simple concrete structures between which the laughter, whispers and cries seem to filter out, that one day they should have welcomed between walls that were never finished, shrinks the soul of the visitor and comes at times, rather than shudder, to terrorize.

This atmosphere of desolation, ruin and sadness, of lost illusions, of frustrated dreams, of holes in hopes, is what they have tried to capture the dozens of people who have taken part, over the last months, in the photographic contest ‘ Ghost housing estates and the scars of the real estate bubble. The contest has been promoted by the platform, which is managed by the Lexlegis legal office, and the Clic Clac de Yecla club, which seek to raise awareness about a problem affecting hundreds of home buyers throughout Spain, but with a special impact on all the southeast of the peninsula.

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