The platform and the Clic Clac Photographic Circle have organized the first photo contest on «Phantom Urbanizations», consisting of images on buildings, farms and residential urban complexes Not finished or delivered to their legitimate buyers by the outbreak of the real estate bubble in Spain, which have turned into abandoned, uninhabited or ghostly urbanizations to these abandoned groups.

The prestigious North American photographer Robert Harding Pittman, author of several works that affect the landscape in relation to the abandoned urbanizations, has been in charge of the last preselection of photographs of this contest, collaborating actively in this Contest.

We have focused on the Spanish Levante, circumscribing the territorial scope of the contest to the developments of the Valencian Community, Murcia and Almeria, it is the area of ​​Spain where there are more failed developments and where this platform works defending the crowd of buyers of houses, that at present are without home and without money (because the promoters disappeared without more or by means of a Contest of Creditors).

This Contest has been promoted in order to inform those affected that they can recover their money by claiming the Bank of the Promoter. If the bank did not comply with a good banking practice when collaborating with Promotoras that did not deliver the essential Banking Guarantee for the repayment of housing advances or did not have a special account for each Promotion, they must proceed to repay the housing advances.

It has been an interpretation of a preconstitutional law, Law 57/1968, which has given this real possibility of recovering the deposits given to the disappeared promoters through a claim to the bank of the developer.

The jury has issued the final decision and has chosen the 5 final winning images of the photo contest.

Here we show the 5 winning images:

1st Prize: «Dreams turned into nightmares» by Gabriel González Valverde.

2nd Prize: «Calle Melancolía» by Inmaculada Martínez Moratalla.

(Place: Fortuna Hills – Las Lamparillas, Fortuna – Murcia).

3rd Prize: «Estado T1» by Tony Tirado.

(Place: Fortuna Hills – Las Lamparillas, Fortuna – Murcia).

4th Prize: «Lamparillas 3» by Xavier Ferrer Chust.

(Place: Fortuna Hills – Las Lamparillas, Fortuna – Murcia).

5th Prize: «A hotel facing a sea of ​​doubts» by Nuria Faz Espíndola.

(Place: Hotel Algarrobico – Cabo de Gata, Almería).

The awards ceremony was held on Saturday, February 16, at the House of the Virgin of Yecla, where an itinerant exhibition with photos of the contest has been opened to the public, which will be open until March 1 in Yecla. and that has vocation to be shown in several cities of Murcia, Alicante and Valencia.