Given the health situation in which our territory is immersed, and
humanity as a whole, because of the Covid-19, the organization of
this II Photography Contest is forced to take the appropriate
measures for the correct development of the contest.

For this reason, its bases are modified in the following terms:

  • The deadline for receiving photographs is extended until September
    15 of this year.

-The delivery of photographs by electronic means (digital file) will be
admitted, preferably, to the address stated in the bases.

  • The exhibition and award ceremony will take place on a date and
    time still to be determined, depending on the guidelines set by the
    Ministry of Health and any other logistical condition that may occur.

The modified bases are attached

Look at the bases in the following paragraphs:

The platform of those affected, through the Lexlegis
Office, whose owner is the lawyer Magdalena Rico Palao and the
platform of Affected Trampollin Hills and Aifos, organize a
photographic contest, with the following bases:

  1. Participants.-

All the people who wish, professional or amateur, can participate in
this photographic contest, as long as their work complies with its

  1. Theme.-

The following theme is established:

Photographs that refer to the real estate boom and particularly, the
undelivered and failed urbanizations.
The photographs will be aimed at verifying the uniqueness of the
abandoned or half-built urbanized landscape and highlighting the
scars of the real estate bubble in Spain.

Photographs may be taken anywhere in the Spanish national territory.

  1. Characteristics of the photographs.-

The images must necessarily be original, unpublished, not having
been presented and / or awarded in this contest in previous editions.
The images may be in color or black and white, not allowing digital
manipulation of them. The photographs will be presented preferably
in digital format through the email

In digital format, all photographs must be of sufficient quality for final
reproduction on fine art media. Therefore, they must be sent in a high
resolution digital file of not less than 5610 (width or height) x 3744
(height or width) pixels, at 150-300 dpi, Adobe RGB (1998 or
ProPhoto RGB of color profile) and format. JPG with a minimum
compression of 10.
In the event that the contestant wishes to send their photographic
shots on paper, the minimum size of the original photographs will be
30×40 cm and the maximum 40 x 50 cm, this size corresponding to
the photographic image and they will be presented without any type
of montage nor support, being automatically excluded those that
come mounted.
Each participant may submit up to a maximum of three photographs.
The content of the same will necessarily be related to the theme of
the contest.
The photographs must be the property of the author who presents
them to the contest.
In the case of photos entered, participants, finalists or winners, the
organization may use the archive of the same for their reproduction
on the website or in
the organizers’ RRSS, a circumstance to which it expressly states its
agreement by the made to participate.

4.- Form of presentation and shipment.-

In each shipment of participating photographs, the pseudonym
chosen by the participant, the title of the work and the photograph
number (in case of presenting more than one) will be stated.
It should indicate:

• Title of the work;
• Place of the taking

• Photo number
• Name and surnames of the author
• D.N.I. of the participant
• Address and contact telephone number
• The fact of participating in this contest, the author of the photographs
authorizes the exhibition and publication of the same in the exhibition
and publications that may be made by the promoters of the contest;
It is also authorized for dissemination and reproduction via
cybernetics through the blog, RRSS or web of the convening
associations. And in his case, the exhibition of the mentioned
photographs is authorized as determined by the organization.
• Participants’ email (e-mail).

5.- Place of delivery and date of presentation.

If they are presented in digital format, an email will be sent to Mail:

If the paper format is chosen, the photographs may be presented at
Calle Camino Real 17, 1o B, Yecla, Murcia, Spain, headquarters of
the platform of those affected, which coordinates
the Lexlegis office in Yecla (Murcia, Spain).

The filing deadline has been extended to September 15, 2020.

6.- Jury.

The jury will be appointed by the conveners mentioned above among
persons competent in photographic and / or artistic art, or a popular
Internet voting system may be established, with due care so that there

is no fraud in the vote. The organizers reserve the right to interpret
the Rules of this contest and to resolve cases not covered, in
accordance with their best criteria.

The decision of those selected and awarded will be made public
before October 30, 2020, although it may be extended for a maximum
of 15 more days.

The exhibition and awards ceremony will take place on a date and
time still to be determined, depending on the guidelines set by the
Ministry of Health and any other logistical condition that may occur.

The delivery will preferably be made through a direct coordinated
through YouTube, the date of which will be announced sufficiently in

The award will be publicized by written or telephone communication
to the awarded participants. The organizers reserve the right to
declare the prizes established in the following section void, if the
works presented do not meet, in their opinion, sufficient merits.

7.- Prizes.- The following prizes are established:

First Prize: 300 euros and plate.
Second Prize: 200 euros and plate.
Third Prize: 100 euros and plate.
Fourth Prize: 75 euros and plate.
Fifth Prize: 50 euros and plate.

The finalist photographs and the other participants will be broadcast
by RRSS. and through the web, or other digital
platforms belonging to the Lexlegis office.

The awarded participant who refuses this digital disclosure of the
photographs will be excluded.

The awarded works will become the property of the platform (through the Lexlegis
Office), who reserves all rights to them and may subsequently use
them for cultural, artistic or advertising purposes, always citing the
author’s name .

8.- Observations.-

The return of the non-awarded photographs (presented in
paper format) will be made from the fifteen days following the end of
the projected exhibitions. The photographs must be removed from the
address of the platform, at the latest before
12/31/2020, unless subsequent exhibitions are projected.

All submitted photographs must be free of rights to third parties. All
those photographs that do not meet any of the requirements
established in these Terms will be disqualified.

The mere participation in this Contest implies the total acceptance of
the Regulatory Bases thereof.

Yecla, May 12, 2020


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